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New Rules for Landlords & Property Maintenance Guide

Understanding and managing the intricacies of property maintenance is crucial for ensuring a smooth and profitable letting experience. Not only does regular maintenance keep your tenants happy, but it also preserves the value of your investment.

However, navigating landlord responsibilities while balancing the demands of property management can be a challenge. That’s where a property management agency like Letio comes in, offering to shoulder the burden and streamline the process for landlords.

First and foremost, as a UK landlord, you need to be aware of your legal obligations concerning property maintenance. These responsibilities include ensuring the property’s structural integrity, systems for supplying water, gas, and electricity, along with sanitation facilities, are maintained in safe, working order. Landlords are tasked with adhering to fire safety regulations and providing Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

Regular property inspections are vital. They allow landlords to identify any needed repairs or maintenance issues before they escalate into significant problems. However, respecting tenant privacy is equally important; provide ample notice before any inspections or maintenance work, as dictated by UK law.


When will the Renters Reform Bill become law?

While no official date has been confirmed by the government, we estimate that the Renters Reform Bill will come into law on 1st October 2024. Once it becomes law, it will initially only affect new tenancies.

Pre-existing tenancies will be included 12 months later on 1st October 2025.

How we have predicted the date the Renters Reform Bill will become law?

The rational for this estimate is that the first reading in the Houses of Commons happened in May 2023. It normally will take about one year for a new bill to become a parliamentary act via royal assent, which takes us to May 2024.

The act would likely not become a law until the following October 1st because in the UK, new legislation normally becomes law on either the 1st of April or the 1st of October each year. This means that the most likely date on which the renters reform bill will become law for new tenancies is 1st October 2024.